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Globo News

This report was aired on Globo News on the program Cidades e Soluções and shows the many benefits of using briquettes when compared to firewood.

Highly informative, it touches on everything from production of briquettes at a wood mill, to arrival at the end consumer.

Biomax is proud to see another satisfied client featured in the report, one that has been using a BIOMAX briquette press and dryer since the early 1990s.

Globo Repórter

This report was aired on the program Globo Repórter, on TV Globo.

It features a plant where briquettes are manufactured from cot­ton waste.

The briquette press showcased in this report is also by BIOMAX.

Briquette press in operation

This video explains how briquette presses operate.

An animation provides a simple explanation of the movements performed by the briquette press.

The end of the video shows several Biomax briquette presses in operation at several clients.

Sawdust briquettes

This video features a BIOMAX briquette press with an overhead dosing silo producing sawdust briquettes.

This press is installed at a company called Tradelink, located in Ananindeua, in the state of Pará.